Call for Papers

"State of the art in World Business History - a first review"

Call for Papers: World Business History Conference
Sunday 16 and Monday 17 March 2014 in Frankfurt/Main, Germany

The globalisation of business has changed the landscape of academic enquiry into business activities. Business historians around the world engage in extensive research on the Business History of local economies, of regional economies and in many instances in the global opera-tions of business. An initiative was launched in September 2012 to bring together Business Historians from around the world in a conference on WORLD BUSINESS HISTORY in 2014. The focus is the global scope of Business History as it is practiced around the world today. With attention on as many countries around the globe, the WORLD CONFERENCE ON BUSINESS HISTORY will focus on the exciting and new research in Business History as prac-ticed in many countries of the world, in as many regions of the world and on all continents comprising the globe. The growing presence of Business History research in emerging econ-omies and developing regions makes it imperative to bring all of those scholars together. The global integration of Business and Research call for academic engagement at a world conference dedicated to Business History. The multi-disciplinary nature of Business History enquiry across time and place offers a unique opportunity to bring scholars from all over the world together to deliberate on the entire scope of Business History disciplinary enquiry. A variety of topics such as the following can lead to exciting new insights and future collabora-tion especially when comparative:

- Business across the wide scope of different stages of globalization.
- Varieties of capitalism and the nature of business.
- Business history and Economic development in different regions and across centuries.
- Varieties of the forms of business organisations, business groups, industrial districts, clusters, cartels and small and medium sized enterprises, coops, etc.
- Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial families
- Enterprises in sectors such as finance, agriculture, transport, tourism, teaching, med-ical care etc.

This is a call for papers - or panels of papers - on any of the topics outlined above, but also for new innovative submissions that can assist us in expanding Business History research and global collaboration in the discipline.

An exploratory conference will be held in Germany 16-17 March 2014. This conference will follow on the joint BHC/Gesellschaft für Unternehmensgeschichte congress the week be-fore. While the aim is to bring Business historians together from around the world, the lan-guage of deliberations will be English, but the participants will be from multi-lingual native-language and multi-cultural origin. The success of this pre-conference will take the initiatives forward to the WORLD CONGRESS OF BUSINESS HISTORY in June 2016 in Bergen, Norway!

Applications (for the World Business History Conference, 16 - 17 March 2014 in Frankfurt):
Please send your application to
Dr. Andrea Schneider

I) for single contributions:
A) 1 page of abstract,
B) 2-4 key words,
C) 0,5 to 1 page of cv,

II) for whole sessions:
A) 1 page of abstract on the aim of the whole session,
B) 1 page of abstract on each contribution,
C) 0,5-1 page of cv for each contributor.
Sessions cannot have more than 5 contributions. (Any suggestion for the commentator would be appreciated.) Also with whole sessions each application will be considered by arbitrators.

Deadline: 1st October 2013

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