A World Business History Congress: first step 2014 in Frankfurt

In summer 2012 representatives from EBHA and the Business History Society of Japan met important colleagues from other regions of the World (Latin America, USA, South Korea, Australia, and South Africa) to discuss the suggestion of creating a WBHC. In the beginning all presented the situation of business history in their regions, and it became quite clear, that all participants were strongly in favor of organizing a World Business History Congress. Their desire to act made them the World Business History Congress initiative group. The mood in the group was not a wish of good luck, but all were convinced not only about the desirability but of a substantial demand for such an event.

Consequently, in order to not only talk, concrete suggestions were accepted: A first and limited World Business History Conference of about one day will be organized in mid March 2014. In order not to cause inconveniencies it will be carried out in conjunction with the BHC-congress 13-15 March 2014 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The two events will not be merged into one but held one after another.
A fully blown World Business History Congress will be organized in June 2016 in Bergen, Norway.

The World Business History Congress initiative group set up an Academic Committee to do the necessary work. Here the following persons will co-operate: Takeshi Abe (President BHSJ), Carlos Davila (Colombia), Andrea Schneider (organizer of the Frankfurt meetings), Harm Schröter (President of EBHA), Grietjie Verhoef (President of International Economic History Association), and a representative from BHC (Andrew Godley).
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